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If you’re a student looking for an internship that will not only give you the experience and hands on learning you crave, but the published clips your portfolio demands, then Worcester Magazine has a place for you. Our interns are involved in all aspects of our weekly alternative newspaper, from concept to publication. With intern only content produced weekly, our staff relies heavily on the talents of our intern staff, creating a unique opportunity for independent work that creates content our readers will look forward to each week. For an opportunity that transcends the credits you’ll receive, fill out the application below and embark upon a new journey of learning and exploration.

Editorial, Art and Production Internships at Worcester Magazine

Worcester Magazine is an alternative weekly newspaper with a focus on news, arts, dining and nightlife. We offer several high profile internships in Editorial, Web Production, Photo and Graphic Arts/Illustration for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Worcester Mag welcomes Junior and Seniors who are seeking For Credit internships to apply.

Editorial internship responsibilities include contributing to weekly news and A&E articles, creating features for our online Young Guns section (intern driven editorial), fact checking, proofreading copy, contributing to annual guides and supplements and assisting with research. Opportunities are many and diverse, and an emphasis on quality of writing is a must. Put simply: Your portfolio will explode with published clips by the end of a semester at Worcester Mag.

Photography intern would assist staff photographer with weekly shoots, be responsible for particular features each week such as People on the Street, contribute to online segments such as Not Fit for Print, and other photo/art related needs to assist our weekly staff. Own laptop required.

Graphic Arts/Illustration internships include ad design and corrections, illustration to accompany featured articles, web graphics, marketing materials, online advertising and special online segments. Must be proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat on Mac platform. Portfolio required. Own laptop not required but highly suggested.


Interested? The next step is to email us at editor@worcestermag.com!


Wednesday, April 14 from 5:30-7:30pm will be the second Veterans Acupuncture Care clinic in Worcester.

The walk-in clinic provides free stress-relief acupuncture to veterans, active military, and their families.  It runs on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and is located at:
Dodge Park Rest Home (rear entrance).

101 Randolph Rd.
Worcester, MA 01606

For more information: (508) 890-8899

Orla Fallon at Hanover Theatre Nov. 15

Distant ShoreOrla Fallon joins Jim Brickman on


at Hanover Theatre, November 15



Former Celtic Woman star vocalist and harpist, Orla Fallon, has announced her first ever series of solo concert dates in support of her recent release, Distant Shore, and just recorded Christmas single, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”  The Irish singer will also accompany platinum instrumentalist Jim Brickman at several concert appearances on his upcoming “Beautiful World” Christmas Tour, which begins November 11th in Newport News, VA.  Fallon continues to appear nationwide as a guest vocalist on Brickman’s PBS Special, “Beautiful World.”

Fallon has received much praise for Distant Shore.  Billboard Magazine noted that in releasing Distant Shore, Fallon is, “…combining her Irish roots with her appreciation for America’s heartland…”  Inside World Music commented,  “The Irish maiden soothes the soul with a pristine voice backed by some contemporary choral arrangements and mostly modern instrumentation…the rather pop-focused, “Dancing in the Moonlight,” is a sweet song about love that is sure to make feet happy with dancing maneuvers.”

Additionally, Fallon will be releasing her recently-recorded version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” to radio later this month.  The track was recorded in Nashville and was arranged and produced by veteran producer, Dan Shea.

Distant Shore was produced by Shea and Eoghan O’Neill.  O’Neill is a founding member of the seminal Irish folk-rock band Moving Hearts, and was a musical Director of Riverdance-The Show.  For the past five years O’Neill has shared the world stage with Orla as Celtic Woman’s Musical Director and bassist.  Shea, a multi-platinum American producer, whose long resume of hit pop productions includes tracks by Mariah Carey, Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Martina McBride, produced and/or co-produced six tracks on Distant Shore. Nashville’s Green Hill Music and EMI released the album in the U.S. on September 22, 2009 with international release dates to follow.

Orla Fallon toured the world as a soloist in the phenomenally popular performing troupe Celtic Woman for four years, and recorded with them the three albums which held a record-setting 95 consecutive weeks at the No. 1 position on the Billboard World Music Albums chart.  During Fallon’s four years in the group, Celtic Woman sold more than 4 million CDs and DVDs, played seven U.S. tours, and performed for more than 800,000 people.  Meanwhile, the three Celtic Woman PBS Specials have aired more than 13,658 times on 685 PBS stations across the country, covering 97% of US television households.  Fallon’s first solo album, The Water Is Wide, debuted on that chart in the Top 10 upon its U.S. release in 2006.


Cinema 320: Tokyo Sonata

The family guy

By Jim Keogh

protectedimageIn Tokyo Sonata the shame of unemployment for a laid-off Japanese executive is like a demon gnawing away at everything he values: his relationship with his wife and sons, his perception of himself as a man, his very sanity. The humiliation is so intense for Ryuhei Sasaki, that he pretends to head off to work each morning rather than reveal the truth to his family — subjecting himself to demeaning interviews (including one where he’s ordered to sing karaoke) and commiserating with other unemployed men who crowd the park benches wearing suits for show.

But this film is no easy parable about the terrors a weak economy wreaks on the white-collar populace (you need only read a newspaper for that story). Instead, Tokyo Sonata reveals how Ryuhei’s work situation is a symptom of deeper problems in the Sasaki household, where wife Megumi is evolving into a desperate housewife, disaffected by an existence of ceaseless service to her family, and younger son Kenji shows promise as a piano prodigy but can’t rally the support of his father, who regards music as a frivolous pursuit.

Tokyo Sonata asks whether it is possible to retrofit the mind of a man for whom centuries of acculturation have wired him to believe certain things, to act a certain way. We can all empathize with the indignity of Ryuhei having his professional status downgraded, but from this distant shore it’s impossible to fully comprehend the elaborate ruses that Ryuhei would rather implement than tell his family the truth as his vision of a patriarch-dominated homestead crumbles.

Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa takes narrative chances, especially toward the end when Megumi confronts a thief. Their interactions, played with a delicate mix of broad humor and painful self-revelation, could have derailed the film. But Kurosawa stays true to the characters, allowing them enough rope to decide whether they want to pull themselves back into the boat, or stay forever adrift.

Tokyo Sonata will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and at 1 and 3:20 p.m. Sunday in the Jefferson Academic Center at Clark University as part of the Cinema 320 film series.

Sunday Sept 13th is Vol 2 of Pecha Kucha Night Worcester!

Michelle May, Scott Zoback and Cindy Woehrle are very excited about the presenters that they have lined up for Volume 2 of Pecha Kucha Night this comign Sunday, September 13:

Jeff Baker~ Tech Head, Creative Heart

Trisha Barry~ 12 Months w/ a N.E. Farmer

Keith Cross~ Learning Letterpress. Mind Your P’s and Q’s J.

Stu Esty~ Community

Michael Gennert~ Robotics

Ian Hickey~ The Creative Process of Cooking

Lennie Peterson~ The Marriage of Music and Art

Jeff Warmouth~ Playing with food: An edible Journey through art, comedy and popular culture.

Sharing their passion in the 20×20 format about everything from Robots to Letterpress to Cooking and more!

A few things they want you to know. Free Parking for 55 Pearl is available in the two lower lots on Pearl Street as well as on the street. The parking garage is closed on Sundays. Doors open at 7:20 Hors D oeuvres are being served compliments of 55 Pearl. Cash Bar. “Stadium” style seating is set for 110 people and is first come first serve. The front staircase entrance is open for this event with handicap access through the side door at the patio. Thank you again for all your support at Vol. 1. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


July-O-Ween Haunted House July 31 from 2-7 p.m.

After an extra week of construction, and a whole heck of a lot of spray blood, but the F Yeah! Center has completed it’s July-O-Ween Haunted House!

Haunted Effing House

420 Pleasant St. Worcester, MA

July 31st, 2-7 p.m.

$5 per person

Not only will you get to enjoy the horror created by local wingnuts, but you will also purportedly receive a small token of gratitude to take home with you.


Music Sampler: A taste of the Have Nots

l_5add3b23361f41e0a11478271b0084a9-1Music Sampler with the Have Nots
by Sara Sorola

The Have Not’s will be playing their first show in Worcester at the Arts Rock! Summer Concert in Goodale Park this week. “We’re having a blast touring all over the US (and hopefully overseas soon), playing in front of anyone that cares to listen,” says Steve Patton. They are hoping to play in Worcester more often though, as they are familiar with The Lucky Dog and Ralph’s Diner.
Jon Cauztik who sings and plays guitar, joined Matt Pruitt who also does vocals and guitar, Jameson Hollis on Bass Guitar, and Steve Patton on Drums in 2006 to form the band Have Nots. They play all original music and Patton describes their style as, “a catchy punk rock band with a touch of reggae and ska”. Their influence comes from a variety of bands, like the Clash, although they are sometimes compared to bands like Rancid, The Suicide Machines, or Operation Ivy. Patton points out that, “Right now our favorite songs are probably the newest stuff we’ve written over the past couple months,” but they haven’t recorded any of it yet.
They’re goal is to be able to play for a living, but as Patton states, their real philosophy is that, “it’s about the journey not the reward!” They are thrilled to be playing at the Arts Rock! Concert this weekend, and when asked what fun facts that they wanted their fans to know, Patton replied, “While on the road Matt is partial to garbonzo beans straight from the can, Jon enjoys peanut butter and honey sandwiches, Jameson enjoys trail mix, and Steve’s new passion is fried chicken n waffles”.
So be sure to pick up some snacks and check out Have Nots as part of the Arts Rock! Summer Concert in Goodale  Park on Friday 17.

Nite People, Nokside, AV, Serious and more live at Creegans, Worcester. Presented by sociallightssounds.com

Nite People, Nokside, AV, Serious and more live at Creegans, Worcester. Presented by sociallightssounds.com

Jason James and the Bay State Houserockers, Friday June 19 at Vincent's in Worcester

Jason James and the Bay State Houserockers, Friday June 19 at Vincent's in Worcester

Bloomsday Rambles into Worcester

By Peter Fellows

June 16 won’t be just another Tuesday for literature lovers. Fans of the novel Ulysses will have the chance to get their fill during Bloomsday, the annual celebration of the book’s Irish author James Joyce. Bloomsday has been celebrated with what is called a “Bloomsday Ramble,” held in the Worcester area by the Worcester County Poetry Association (WCPA) since the late 1990’s. To commemorate James Joyce and Ulysses, the day will feature group gatherings of people reading and enjoying Joyce’s classic story. Joyce enthusiasts will be gathering together all day, beginning at Bancroft Tower at 8 a.m. An episode of Ulysses will be read aloud at different meeting points every two hours. Moving to different locations will give the journey-like feel that parallels the book. “Bloom [the main character of Ulysses] goes into newspaper offices so we try to emulate that with locations such as the Telegram & Gazette office,” explained Mark Wagner, President of the WCPA. Bloomsday was first celebrated in 1954. With Joyce being an Irishman himself, Bloomsday’s original and most well-known city of celebration is Dublin, Ireland. The origin of the name Bloomsday comes from Ulysses‘ main character’s name, Leopold Bloom. The specific date chosen to celebrate Joyce’s book is June 16, which is the day the story of Ulysses occurs. It also happens to be the date that James Joyce had his first outing with his future wife, Nora Barnacle. The day’s events are open to anyone and will have a fun, relaxed feel. There is no admission fee; the only cost is for your own food. You don’t even need a copy of Ulysses to listen or even participate. People in attendance commonly share books at the Bloomsday Ramble. For more information, like a complete list of Bloomsday Ramble locations, contact the WCPA at WCPABOARD@yahoo.com or 508-797-4770.