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Sheez Late @ the Lucky Dog 6.25.11


Audiences will endure the unrelenting spell of aggressive music as these two great cities go head to head on FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2010 AT THE LUCKY DOG MUSIC HALL, 89 Green St., Worcester, 8 p.m. Doors, $7, 21+


Worcesters BIRCH HILL DAM and BURN THE WITCH (featuring Pete Cortese of Seemless and Overcast, plus members of OHM and FROZEN) boast an impressive pedigree while blasting one’s eardrums with Stoner Metal like only the mighty WORMTOWN can produce.

Bostons BRING THE KNIFE and BORN OF THUNDER (featuring Craig Silverman from Only Living Witness for all you guitar fan boys out there) rock with the heat of 10,000 suns and wear their influences on their sleeves from AC/DC to Cliff Burton


era Metallica.

Learn more about the bands….

BIRCH HILL DAM – myspace.com/birchhilldam

BORN OF THUNDER – myspace.com/bornofthunder

BURN THE WITCH – myspace.com/ burnthewitchma

BRING THE KNIFE – myspace.com/bringtheknifeboston

By Jeremy Shulkin

Is it going to rain? Will the sun come out? The suspense is killing me.

@ Recital Hall (1 Gorham st.): Jazz Benefit Concert w/ the Seven Hills Septet | 7:00 | $7. From their entry on Socialweb.net “benfit concert for the Share Program of Central Mass Healthlink. A healthy blend of Blues, Latin, Bebop, Standards, Funk and World music will start you off on a great week-end and support a terrific program.”

@ Biagio’s Grille: Hat On, Drinking Wine | 7:30 | No cover. These guys are everywhere, and are releasing a new album next week.

@ Ralph’s: Age of Punishment, Wreckoning, Crimson Orchid, Boring Kind of Guy and 7 Hill Psychos | 8:00 | Cover. Age of Punishment is back in action after a long hiatus, Boring Kind of Guy has a song called “Skanks Slam Pigs and Eggnog.” Wreckoning and 7 Hill Psychos are from Worcester. Their names do a good of describing the music they play.

@ Nick’s: Niki Luparelli and the Speakeasy Combo ft. Dan Burke, w/ opener Bobby Gadoury | 8:00 | No cover. If you haven’t seen this show yet, please do yourself a favor.

@ Jillian’s: 10 Year Vamp | 9:00. Voted best rock band by Albany’s Metroland Magazine and has shared bills with some heavy hitters.

@ Vincent’s: Joel Cage | 10:00 | No cover. Acoustic guitarist from New Hampshire with a voice that can carry over the din at Vincent’s.

@ Gilrein’s: Shirley Lewis | 9:30 | $10. Some good videos of her singing here: http://shirleylewis.us/, but even more impressive is the crowd’s dancing, especially at the beginning of “Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep”.

@ The Lucky Dog: Forever Young w/ Charles River Music Whores | 9:00 | Cover. Forever Young is a Neil Young tribute band, but it’s hard to get info on them because Google goes beserk if you search for “Forever Young.” Seriously, The Band, Mel Gibson, Bob Dylan, IMDB…the list goes on.


@ Tammany Hall: 2nd Annual Remembering Mike & Mike Beneift Show with Kenny Michaud, Brother’s Burden, Love Money, Charles River Music Whores, The Grand Arkanum, The Humans, and Mass Elite | 1 pm | $5. An all day event set up by Mass Elite in memory of their friends and bandmate. All the money goes to charity.

@ Ralph’s: The Commandos, Classic Ruins, and Bovachevo | 8:00 | Cover. The Commandos are punk rock from Worcester/Rutland, Classic Ruins are from Boston and will sound great at Ralph’s, and Bovachevo have a song called “Drums Guitar then Yelling”. That kind of honesty is refreshing.

@ PJ’s Bar and Grill: Beatles for Sale | 9:00 | No cover. A Beatles cover band, just like the name suggests.

@ The Blue Plate Lounge: Chet Williamson | 9:00 | $5. Worcester’s ubiquitous bluesman—always guaranteed a good show.

@ Irish Times: Flock of Assholes | 9:00. I’ve got a feeling that the crowd will be drunker and more obnoxious at Irish Times than at the Lucky Dog, but the band will still be awesome.

@ Vincent’s: John Cate | 9:30 | No cover. http://www.myspace.com/johncateband

@ The Lucky Dog: Panther Lee, Southern Bastard, God’s Green Earth, Skulltoboggan, One Bullet Solution, Mongrel, and Supernaut—The Black Sabbath Experience, all brought to you by Dirtnap Entertainment | 8:30 | $8 or $5 for girls dressed as schoolgirls. Ladies, it’s “Naughty School Girl Night 2009,” so clear some time in your schedule today to go raid Holy Name for some costumes.

Jeremy Shulkin

@ The Palladium: Oceana/ Confide to Speak of Wolves/ Late Night Wars open for Therefore I Am—Something to think about. (See what I did there?!) 6:30, $13 at door. @ Tammany Hall: Ernie & the Automatics, Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse, Skullfunked. 8p.m. $10. 18+. The drummer and guitarist from the band Boston are in Ernie & the Automatics, which might make some of you excited.

@ The Lucky Dog: The Dave Rivers Group, The Bad Bads, The Tone Deffs and Zack Borer. 8:00. @ Spiritual Haze: Weight of Gravity and some Karaoke. Weight at 9p.m., Karaoke at 11:30p.m.

@ Mill Street Brews: The Demisers, The Wandas, Traphiq, New Pilot. 8:00. $5. “Thanks You Note” by the Wandas is nice:

@ Ralph’s: Mass Elite, The Change Up, People With Instruments. 8:00. Mass Elite is one of Worcester’s best hip hop acts, and they play with a live band—yes, just like the Roots. http://www.myspace.com/masselite

@ Nick’s: Niki Luparelli w/ Dan Burke and the Speakeasy Combo. 9p.m. No cover. If you haven’t seen this show yet you’re missing out on time travel.

@ The Dive Bar: Cassavettes. 9 p.m. No cover. They have a song called “Shotgun Wedding,” which is a phrase I love. http://www.myspace.com/cassavettes

And for Saturday, two sweet shows:@ Ralph’s: Werewolves, Hey Now Morris Fader, Justin Townes Earle, and the Wandas. 8 p.m. Justin Townes Earle is the son of Steve Earle and got the “Townes” part of his name from Townes Van Zandt. He does country music right (as in, not like country music on the radio).  @ Hotel Vernon Ship Room: The Egos, The Murder, Musclecah, and the American Mother Fuckers. 8 p.m.

4/17-19: Weekend Update w/ Jeremy Shulkin

The Lucky Dog is putting on a show and a movie filming: Parts of “Elvis’s Dream Attack,” a movie starring Bill frontman Bill Gage, will be filmed tonight using the crowd as extras. That starts at 8 p.m.  The rock show begins at 9 p.m. with an as-yet-tba band, followed by Bill, then the Grungy Bastards, and ending with the Flock of Assholes.
From Bill’s myspace page, because they describe it so much better than I ever could, some info about the band:

“BILL are a rock band, started in 1987 in new england and fronted by Bill Gage, a singer who has DS (Down syndrome). The band-name is one of the words Bill can write. Bill Gage is a charismatic performer who sings surreal, ever-changing lyrics in a wide variety of styles, Bill’s response to the diverse sounds the band provide him: art-rock, heavy-metal, acoustic folk-ballads, industrial riffs, etc. Bill continuously refines and re-works his vocal improvisations with intense and rhythmic precision, pushing and pulling at the square-edged constants of the three-guitar rock group.

“BILL’s approach to songwriting is always in flux. The first album BEATLES CHINESE was shaped by a series of challenges the band gave Bill: first to name the songs he wanted to do, and then to sing them, as the band figured out what to play behind him and each song was quickly recorded. The backing tracks for BILL’s second record BAT MAN were recorded in advance. Bill listened to the tracks, sang over them, and then named the songs (and the record). The band includes Daren Follower (drums), Gaylen Moore (bass), and guitarists Eric Morin, Greg Ansin, and Bill’s brother john.”

Here’s the trailer for “Elvis’s Dream Attack”: http://vimeo.com/3202690

If this doesn’t make you excited then you’ve forgotten what Rock and Roll is all about.

Spiritual Haze’s monthly Blacklight Graffiti Party w/ DJ Velvet Ed and more tonight from 7:00 to 2:00 am | $5 earns a mouthpiece for hookah tasting and a highlighter for coloring on your white t-shirt

Tammany Hall brings The Hornitz, Wrighteous L, and Solo Sexxx at 8:00 for the 18+ crowd.  Cover is $7.

Bret Talbert (http://www.myspace.com/bretsounds) at Cavo D’oro on Water St. 9 p.m.

Lisa Marie and All Shook Up at Nick’s, 9 p.m., no cover.

Metal Thursday LIX: Ravage, Armory, Amadis (VT) & Zero Point, $5 cover, starts at 9 p.m.

Scott Ricciuti, Michael Thibodeau, Jeremy Curtis & Duncan Arsenault play this week’s the Dive Bar Thursdays.  9 p.m., no cover.

There’s a Poetry Slam in the Ship Room @ the Hotel Vernon.  It starts at 8:30.

Salsa group Eduardo performs at Bocado.  9 p.m., bring your dancing shoes.

The Palladium kicks-off this weekend’s Metal and Hardcore Festival with a pre-party, showing three movies, two of which have ties to Iron Maiden: “Crowley,” written by their singer Bruce Dickenson, is about an occultist taking the stuffy academic world by storm (but so much more), and “Flight 666”, a documentary about Iron Maiden’s 45 day world tour.  Also showing is “Anvil: The Story of Anvil,” which in all its band-that-should-have-made-it-big-but-for-some-reason-didn’t awareness, looks very much like a real-life “This is Spinal Tap.” Tickets are $15 and the doors open at 6 p.m.

“Anvil: The Story of Anvil” trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umAxeO-QfmY

And it’s not music, but what’s Rock and Roll without sex? Clark University is hosting a talk called “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Orgasms” in the Sackler Science Center at 8:00.  Like the best sex, the event is free.

If you’re heading over to the Lucky Dog on Green Street to see the Satellite Rockers, a portion of the door will be donated to Stone Soup! Roots rock, reggae, and rebuild – what a better way to spend your Friday night! Show at 9p.m.