Any local musician can tell you that it’s pretty darn challenging to cough up the change to record and distribute a CD these days. theRoadKill Orchestra (featuring Worcester’s own Dr. Gonzo) has set a date to record their next release in West Boylston’s infamous Tremolo Lounge with 12 songs to set in the grooves of a kick ass garage/lounge CD, but they need a little piggy bank push to get them into the door.

That’s where theRoadKill Orchestra’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign comes in. Instead of buying that cup of chai at Starbucks today, why don’t you go visit

and donate your pocket change? With the idea that if fans and supporters toss a few dollars into the pot, theRoadKill Orchestra can meet their recording goals for 2011.

With over 70 minutes of songs ready to lay down, support your local musicians and donate today!