When Scott Erb of Erb Photography (http://erbphoto.com/) came out with his beautiful book, 20 Artists of Worcester, he succeeded in showcasing 20 of Worcester’s diverse artists, both through his lens and the words of Julie Grady. Even though the book sold out at the Davis Gallery the night of the book’s debut, Erb admits the $35 price tag was a bit steep for some.

Knowing he had a quality publication in his hands and frustrated at the costs of producing the book, this fall Erb has reinvented 20 Artists to create a more affordable format in a skillfully designed magazine.

“I wanted to reinvent it in a more economical way and hopefully this would create it as a more affordable piece. So the artists can use it for self promotion, and we can get it in the hands of more people,” explains Erb. “These artists are still here and creating- I want everyone to know about them.”

By utilizing a company called MagCloud, Erb was able to produce the magazine for only $11 a copy verses the $35 – $45 for the hard cover book.

20 Artists of Worcester is an amazing array of images showing artists in their individual work spaces. These artists are internationally known and collected, and a very broad array of work will be discovered on these pages.

Check out the magazine yourself at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/93171