Brian Burris sent me this press release about a collaboration of local artists in support of Worcester’s Boys & Girls club. Mark your calendars for October 17 for a chance to own this slice of Worcester’s current art scene…

Boys and Girls Club of Worcester
Arts in the Afternoon
Sunday, October 17th, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

More than a dozen Worcester artists recently participated in a group painting session.  Brian Burris and Daniel Ceglinski (longtime collaborators), Don Hartman, Scott Brouillard,  Brian Davagian, Elizabeth Hughes, Todd Deal, Scott Holloway, Julie Carlson, Rosemary Lebeau, Michelle Sheppard, John Buron, Todd Rawley, Jerome Richards, John Vienneau, Jessica Davis and at least a half-dozen others (whose signatures were difficult to read) participated.
Together they created The Bacchanal, a 54X54 acrylic on canvas that, despite the varied inputs and techniques of the various artists, presents a unified theme and style, and the painters all signed the back, giving the work a certain added provenance in addition to the panoply of the artist participants.

The work was executed at Brian Burris’ Open Studio: a Bacchanal of Art & Wine, and can be viewed at The bacchanalia were wild and mystic festivals of the Greek god Bacchus.  Indeed a wild and mystic frenzy occurred: of artists working over, around and under each other simultaneously with the intention of donating the result for a good cause.
That good cause: the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester.  They’re holding their Art in the Afternoon art auction fundraiser, where there will be live performances and demonstrations as well, Sunday October 17th, 1 to 4pm at the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, Main South Clubhouse 65 Tainter Street, Worcester,

Not only is this an important cause that provides so much for the youth of our city, but the art and entertainment has always been exemplary.  This particular painting, The Bacchanal, has the rare and added value of being executed and signed by over a dozen prominent Worcester artists, epitomizing the arts coming to support and enhance their community.