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Pelz-Sharpe Photography Show
starts on Saturday October 2, 2010
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Artist Statement:
I first came to Psychogeography via an interest and involvement in Situationist & Anarchist Politics in the 1990’s. Whilst at the same time I was traipsing every street in central London. doing “the knowledge” with no interest in eventually driving taxis. But I did become aware of the connections between places, people and society in general.
Hence, what I explore in all my work is the “human landscape” along with “a sense of place”, or as psychogeographers call it “the genius loci”. I walk, explore and try to reflect something of the experience of being in a particular place, the resonance of the place itself and its impact on me and to a lesser extent those around me.My particular interest is in “thin places”, locations where this world and another are close to one another. Those places that live among us, yet go unnoticed. Forgotten places, they are my favorite. To spend time in a place that few others notice or know about is special.
My photography has always been a means of tapping into a quieter mode of thinking, and reflecting back the experience of being in and with a specific location. I am a believer that there is a thread and set of connections between everything and everyone. So I thought it interesting if co-incidental that I found myself living in Middlesex County, MA when I moved to America. Yet it was not until very recently that I found out that virtually all my photographs of the Lea & Silk Stream were taken in what were the original boundaries of Middlesex in the UK. I did not know until I looked at an old map in my possession that the boundaries of Middlesex originally encompassed what is now Barnet and Harringay to the west of Harrow where I lived. Even though there is literally an ocean of water between both Middlesex counties, they share much in common. Were both important regions in their own right in the past, both are now suburbs of larger cities (London and Boston), and both now officially abolished.
I clearly have a connection with Middlesex County.