I had to include a video for this post, these guys are impressive!

Las Vegas Show comes to Worchester Mechanics Hall!

One might think that Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Cher, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart, Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli are all in one theatre-one stage, but in reality it is the identical twin celebrity illusionists, The Edwards Twins, bringing a memorable evening, to Worchester for 2 nights. The performances is slated for 8 PM Friday, October 29th and November 12 th , at Mechanics Hall.

Born and raised in Burbank, California, these brothers, Anthony and Eddie Edwards, have astounded audiences for more than 20 years with their realistic portrayal of some of the world’s best-loved celebrities.  Also, they have opened for some of the most popular artists, including Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and U2 and have lived and headlined in Las Vegas for the past 28 Years.

The Edwards Twins are committed to bring authenticity to each performance and have over 100 superstars in their repertoire.  Though the sound mesmerizes the audience, it’s the extravagant designer costumes and elaborate make-up that add to the magic.  Anthony’s natural tenor morphs from a raspy Neil Diamond to an accented Elton John.  Eddie, who performs all the show’s female characters, transforms himself using tricks learned from top Hollywood make-up artists – in the tradition of Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire and Eddie Murphy’s Mother and Grandmother Krump – to deliver Barbra Streisand’s warm soprano notes, Chers’ intricate outfits and Tina Turner’s leggy strut in a manner that flatters their childhood idols.

“Our show was born out of a childhood fascination with celebrities,” says Anthony, the act’s producer and elder brother (by 4 minutes).  “When we were very young, we would listen to our parents’ records and found out very early that we had a tremendous gift for mimicking the superstars, so much that now when we perform, people leave feeling like they were watching the actual stars on stage.”


The Edwards Twins, 2-2-2

Advance tickets are available by calling the ticket office at

Mechanics Hall

321 Main Street

Worcester, MA 01608-1522

(508) 752-5608

Tickets Starting at $30.00

Showtime 8:00PM

For more information on The Edwards Twins visit their website at http://www.theedwardstwins.com