CROMPTON PLACE, Located at 138 Green Street in the heart of Worcester’s Canal District, is destined to become a major influence in the economic development of the city. The building itself plays an important role as a source of inspiration and as common meeting place for the entire community to celebrate culture and the creative process necessary to make the arts an everyday experience.

WORCESTER ARTIST GROUP, A Crompton Place Collective, is seeking artists of all sorts to share their talents and ideas. The is in need for Poets, Writers, Painters, Sculptors, Photographers and Creative Thinkers of all sorts. The studio spaces and permanent gallery will not be available for a year or more due to ongoing renovations. Your involvement now is extremely important to the development of this exciting project.

THE WINDOWS AT CROMPTON PLACE, The Worcester Artist Group is in immediate need Video and Installation Artists to showcase their work in a series of windows facing Green Street.

For further information please contact Bryan Davagian at