The Little “a” Poetry Series, which formerly occurred Monday nights at the Q Cafe, has enjoyed a temporary run at Dr. Gonzo’s All-Natural Mega-Spicy Comestible Emporium (122 Main St) for the last couple of months. This Thursday, July 1st, they are proud to feature none other than Jon Shyllberg!

Shyllberg is one of the Little “a”s biggest supporters, and has featured twice on their stage. He holds the dubious honor of drawing the biggest crowds to date at the humble reading, and also the distinction of having offended a college writing class so badly that they quickly departed – It should be noted that the professor who brought them said it “sparked a productive dialog about confrontational poetry”.

Confrontational may well be the best description of Jon’s work; at times crude and offensive, he nevertheless is Worcester’s most unique voice – His poems are often short, the titles simply being numbers, most of which are so incredibly big that one would be led to believe that he may well be the most prolific writer ever. He is an engaging performer, a witty writer, and always guaranteed to surprise you with his performances.

The reading starts at 7:30 sharp, with the feature preceded by an open mic in which all are welcome to perform. Be sure to thank the Good Doctor Stu Esty for allowing crazy poets to read at his shop, and try and buy his condiments! There is no cover, but host Cowboy Matt Hopewell’s trademark hat will be passed around for donations for the featured poet. In addition, Shyllberg will have copies of his new chapbook on hand and available for purchase!