2010 marks the fifth year of Reverb’s annual Campus Consciousness Tour, which visits schools across the country incorporating a rocking concert with greening programs and student outreach. This tour will be headlined by rap/hip-hop artist Drake.

On Tuesday, May 4, 2010 The CCT Drake rolls into Worcester and will set up at the College of the Holy Cross. Half rock tour, half environmental campaign, the Campus Consciousness Tour aims to inspire and activate students in a fun and exciting atmosphere while leaving a positive impact on each community and college that the tour reaches. Founded by Reverb in 2006, past tours have featured artist such as Guster and The Frey. In the past four years the tour has reached 64 schools, 317,000 students, and more than 160 campus organizations. While other awards for music tour production might go to the band with the busiest schedule, craziest lighting, or fiercest pyrotechnics, the CCT present another option: Reverb, a non-profit dedicated to greening and educating the music scene.

Drake, in conjunction with Reverb has adopted and eco-friendly policy for the “Campus Consciousness Tour” dubbed the “The Away From Home Tour.” The tour features performances from Canadian rapper/singer K-OS and the synth pop New York band Francis & The Lights. Drake has “greened” his tour with the use of biodiesel fuel and biodegradable and recyclable products on the bus and backstage as well as an eco-friendly screen printing booth from Studio 3, with t-shirts and tote bags from Anvil’s eco-collection. On the Drake tour, Reverb and a host of other sponsors and non profit organizations are set up on campus during the day and night with an exciting and informational Eco-Village fully equip with planting station, recycling paper drive, as well as other organic treats!

For more information on Reverb and the Campus Consciousness Tour  visit Reverb at http://www.reverb.org or on Facebook for pictures of each tour at http://www.facebook.com/reverb or http://www.facebook.com/campusconsciousness