The 5th Anniversary Party of “Remembering Mike Duffy” will be held on Saturday April 10th at the Green Rooster Coffeehouse ( 6 Institute Road, Worcester) with a special early-bird starting time of 7p.m.

Admission is $10 with all proceeds benefiting  Matthew 25, Mike’s favorite charity.

Hosted again by Sir Mac Cole and Joe Fusco Jr., internationally acclaimed performers include Chip Carle, Rich Leufstedt, Tom Ewart, Ed Zaloom & Rich Arsenault, Eric Duffy, John & Ursula Papp,Tim Mason, Chuck & Mud,Dee Cole & Bob Evarts, Kenny Dennis,Jon Roper & Deb Barron, Bob Goodwin, Kevin Braney, Paul DellaValle, and Ron Carlson.

Join them for an extraordinary night of music, poetry, somewhat bawdy (in the Duffy tradition) humor and camaraderie.For further information, contact Joe ( or Sir Mac (