Help bring Awareness and Raise Funds for the Burncoat Quadrant Fine Arts Program


The Support Our Fine Arts “SOFA” committee is hosting a “Night at the Hanover Theater” in conjunction with the Broadway show- A CHORUS LINE. For the cost of the ticket ($75), which includes premier Orchestra seating, guests are also treated to a VIP a Pre-Show reception with complimentary hors d’ oeuvres and cash bar.  The SOFA board took advantage of a wonderful night at the Hanover Theatre to spotlight the cause resulting in raising funds to help support the Burncoat Quadrant Visual Arts Program as well as awareness of the success of the program to the young people in the city who participate in it.

Support Our Fine Arts (SOFA) is a fundraising organization to maintain and improve the curricular offerings in the Fine Arts at Worcester Arts Magnet School (Grades PreK-6), Burncoat Middle School (Grades 7-8) and Burncoat High School (Grades 9-12).

The goal of this event is to raise funds to avoid compromising the integrity of the programs at the three schools listed above. This event will give people an opportunity to meet and greet members of the Burncoat Quadrant Fine Arts Community and learn about the “Best Kept Secret In the Worcester Public Schools.”

For more information or interviews please contact’ Board Member Christina Andrianopoulos 917.734.9804

About the Burncoat Quadrant Visual Arts Program: The Burncoat Quadrant Visual Arts Program mirrors the Worcester Public Schools Arts Curriculum, which is to provide equal opportunities for all students to discover the enriching power, the intellectual excitement and the joy of competence in the arts.  Artistic skills and knowledge will be unlocked through developmentally based program and instruction that offer both arts-focused and arts-integrated educational experiences.   The Burncoat Quadrant Visual Arts Program can serve as a template for other arts programs based on its success with the students who participated in the program.  Statistics reflect that these students are some of the highest academic performers and have continued their education beyond high school.  In addition, many of the students have gone on to be involved in some very high visible arts opportunities either on Broadway, film and art.

Burncoat Quadrant Contact:  Lisa A Houlihan, Principal, 135 Burncoat Street, Worcester, MA 01602, 508.799.3399