The Secret

imageFool and His Amazing Wasted Life

Review by David Boffa

At first, I wanted to hate the Secret’s “Fool and His amazing Wasted

Life.” There’s a lot not to like, especially the canned drums, cheesy synths, and obnoxious garbled tape vocal effects on the opener “Let the Sun.” It’s a lot of sonic fat to choke down. But “Girls in the Project” changed my mindset. Vocalist Frank Paquette tells us that, in the projects, “the streets are dirty, but the girls are oh so pretty.” These lyrics plus the outdated hip hop loop (think M.C Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit”) and singer Frank Paquette’s ridiculous nasal-falsetto delivery makes certain that “Girls” is an elaborate joke — it’s all very un-cool, but in a self-aware sort of way. Once I sensed the irony, tracks like “Change of Heart,” with it’s scruffy Spandau Ballet revival sound, became much easier to swallow. The Fool could be a great album, but only if you are in on the joke.