l_5add3b23361f41e0a11478271b0084a9-1Music Sampler with the Have Nots
by Sara Sorola

The Have Not’s will be playing their first show in Worcester at the Arts Rock! Summer Concert in Goodale Park this week. “We’re having a blast touring all over the US (and hopefully overseas soon), playing in front of anyone that cares to listen,” says Steve Patton. They are hoping to play in Worcester more often though, as they are familiar with The Lucky Dog and Ralph’s Diner.
Jon Cauztik who sings and plays guitar, joined Matt Pruitt who also does vocals and guitar, Jameson Hollis on Bass Guitar, and Steve Patton on Drums in 2006 to form the band Have Nots. They play all original music and Patton describes their style as, “a catchy punk rock band with a touch of reggae and ska”. Their influence comes from a variety of bands, like the Clash, although they are sometimes compared to bands like Rancid, The Suicide Machines, or Operation Ivy. Patton points out that, “Right now our favorite songs are probably the newest stuff we’ve written over the past couple months,” but they haven’t recorded any of it yet.
They’re goal is to be able to play for a living, but as Patton states, their real philosophy is that, “it’s about the journey not the reward!” They are thrilled to be playing at the Arts Rock! Concert this weekend, and when asked what fun facts that they wanted their fans to know, Patton replied, “While on the road Matt is partial to garbonzo beans straight from the can, Jon enjoys peanut butter and honey sandwiches, Jameson enjoys trail mix, and Steve’s new passion is fried chicken n waffles”.
So be sure to pick up some snacks and check out Have Nots as part of the Arts Rock! Summer Concert in Goodale  Park on Friday 17.