By Jeremy Shulkin

Another shorter than usual entry because I’m off to New York and there’s no such thing as a Fung Wah bus with wireless.

Friday: @ Nick’s: Niki Luparelli with Dan Burke and the Speakeasy Combo, opener Bobby Gadoury | 8:00 | No cover. @ Vincent’s: The Stumbleweeds | 10:00 | No cover. High-energy, female-singing rockabilly. @ The Lucky Dog: Trendkill, Army of None, and Of the Gods | 8:00 | cover. Trendkill is a Pantera cover band. I could go for a joke, but it really does suck that Dimebag is dead. @ Gilrein’s: The Delta Generators w/ guest Jon Short | 9:00 | Cover. This is probably the show of the night. The Delta Generators have been on a tear lately, winning some major awards (Best Blues Album from the Independent Music Awards) and putting on some great local live shows. Jon Short joins them, which is essentially like saying Ray Allen joins a Celtics team that already has Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. @ Bull Run Restaurant (Shirley, MA): The Tubes | 8:00. The Tubes have been around since the 70s, earning a cult following for their satiric songs and bizarre live shows. Watch:


Listen to that yell @ 58 seconds in. Very Rock and Roll.

Saturday: @ The Emerald Isle: The Silverbacks | 9:00. Members of the R&B band the Valves mixed in. The Silverbacks put on an awesome show. @ Nick’s: Worcester, City of Sin! Featuring Goli, Tomas Nola et son Orchestra, Niki Luparelli w/ Dan Burke | 9:00 | No cover. It’s burlesque, it’s at Nick’s, there’s no cover, why wouldn’t you go? @ Ralph’s: 28 Degrees Taurus, The Wandas, Necktie Party, Dental Plan | 9:00 | Cover. An all around solid rock and roll lineup. 28 Degrees Taurus plays some great reverby psychadelia which should sound great with Ralph’s soundsystem, and the Wandas, Necktie Party, and Dental Plan are local bands that rock. Worth checking out.