I received this too late to include in next week’s issue, so I thought I’d share Alexander Dunn aka bird nerd’s latest adventure…



On May 16th I will be partaking in the Mass Audubon’s annual fundraiser, Bird-a-thon. This event challenges participants to find as many species of birds as they can in a 24 hour period. This year to minimize my footprint and promote local bird watching in Worcester I am making a trans-Worcester walk from Cascade Park to Broad Meadow Brook wildlife Sanctuary and attempting to spend the majority of the time in green spaces: parks, cemeteries, pond edge, etc… From 6pm on May 15 to 6pm on May 16 (with a healthy sleep and dinner in between) I will be making this urban pilgrimage, encouraging folks to join me along the way in their neighborhoods, seeking various bird species (I hope to see over 80) and promoting bird watching and green space in the city.

Thank you for your time,

Alexander Dunn

p.s. You can also view see the fund raising page I created whcih has more specifics: http://www.firstgiving.com/birdnerd

p.p.s. I also plan to document the trip on a blog: http://natureofthewoo.blogspot.com/