By Jeremy Shulkin


So much to do this weekend that even Sunday’s getting in on the action.

@ The Q: Greg McKilop, Shane Hall, and more | 7:00| A cup of coffee.  A sort of record release for Greg, and his father is coming down from Maine to play too.  Also, Shane Hall is a Worcester musician you should probably get to know.

@ Nick’s: Bobby Gadoury | 8:00 | No cover.  Niki Luparelli w/ Dan Burke | 9:30 | No cover.  Bobby plays piano, Niki sings, and Dan plays piano.  It all sounds good, but get there early to grab a table.

@ The Lucky Dog: 7 Minute Stagger, Nite People, DJ Shame, Nytmare | 8:00 | Benefit to fight leukemia.  7 Minute Stagger will probably bash your head in with their hard rock, Nite People and Nytmare are two pretty interesting local hip hop acts, DJ Shame is one of the best DJs I’ve heard.  Also, you’re helping fight leukemia.

@ Gilrein’s: Chet Williamson | 9:30 | $10.  One of Worcester’s most talented and visible musicians, his jazz will keep you movin’ all night.

@ Vincent’s: Allan Sheinfeld and Stan Kozlowski with Jack Hanlon | 10:00 | No cover.  Musicians from two great western swing bands come together and honky-tonk your night and bash some beer bottles.

@ Tammany Hall: Brian Richard CD release with Brian Bergeron, and The Spoil | 8:00 | $10 | 18+.  Brian Richard was nominated for a “Best Solo Act” from the Worcester Music Awards in 2007.  Now he has a CD out.

@ Chasers Bar: Flock of Assholes | 10:00 | Cover.  This really needs no introduction, does it?


@ The Cannery (Southbridge): The Silverbacks | 9:00 | $10.  These guys have played with Joe Cocker, and some split time in local soul band the Valves.  Definitely worth seeing.

@ The Lucky Dog: Crazy Train, Birch Hill Dam, Charles River MW, Dropshift | 8:00 | Cover.  Ozzy Osbourne all up in here.

@ Fat Boy Blues (Milford): Ten Foot Polecats w/ Jon Short.  I don’t know much about 10’PC, but I do know that Jon Short is absolute blues awesomeness.

@ Nick’s: Hilda and Ludwig | 9:30.  Celebrate Nicktoberfest with appropriate drinking music.

@ Gilrein’s: Young Neal & the Vipers | 9:30 | $10.  High energy blues rock.  This band has shared the stage with some major players like BB King, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Plant, and Dr. John.

@  Ralph’s: Singuya, Clear the Way, Mass Elite, and Sling Slang | 8:00 | Cover.  Singuya plays “Reggabilly Rock”, and this is their 100th show.  Mass Elite is on the bill too, and their one of Worcester’s most consistently good live shows.


@ Lucky Dog: “Still Green” promo concert with Jediah and Orange Island | 9:00 | $5.  Locally produced movie “Still Green” comes to Worcester next week, but they’re throwing a host of parties for it.  This on at the Lucky Dog features two MA bands on the soundtrack.