If you’re walking around Kelly Square, Green Street, and anywhere else in the Canal District, you’ve got a pretty good chance of stumbling into an awesome night of mostly cover-free live music. Thanks, Turtle Boy Music Series, for making my Friday mornings feel like Saturday mornings.

Some highlights:

@ The Lucky Dog: Pity Whore, Solo Minds, Pretty Pollution, Flock of Assholes. Doors at 8:30, $5. Pretty Pollution has the most intense myspace page ever, complete with the skeletons of winged humanoid creatures impaled on swords, a mushroom cloud, and a little kid with a Mohawk giving the finger. I imagine they’ll put on a killer live show. (myspace.com/prettypollutionband)

@ Nick’s: Rick Berlin and Tom Janovitz | 9:00 | No cover. Rick Berlin is a Boston musician who has been around for a long time. Previously fronting groups like Orchestra Luna, Berlin Airlift, and The Shelley Winters Project, he’s recently been releasing solo albums. He records with/on the studio and label Hi-n-Dry (which was founded by Morphine’s Mark Sandman).

@ The Dive Bar: Duncan Arsenault, Jon Short, and Jeff Burch | 9:00 | No cover. Some of the best musicians in Central Mass doing some mighty fine pickin’ and a-singing’. Also, the hot dog cart outside the bar serves the best late night food in the city. No joke.

@ Bocado: Eduardo | 9:00 | No cover. Salsa music, wine, excellent food. Why wouldn’t you go?

For non-Turtle Boy events: @ Ralph’s: Metal Thursday LX: Night of the Living Shred, and Apophus | 9:00 | $7. Wins the award for coolest show name of the month. @ Mill Street Brews (Southbridge, MA): Battle of the Bands | 8:00.

And to get you in the party mood: Check out this clip of the Sex Pistols, where Sid Viscous hits a guy in the face with this bass! You just gotta see…