This just into my A&E IN box. Sounds cool and I wanted to share…
Worcester’s Seven Hills Camera Club will be hosting a Multiscreen Competition on Friday, April 24 at 7PM.  The location will be the Merriman Hall of the United Congregational Church, 6 Institute Rd., Worcester, MA.  The public are invited.  Refreshments will be served.

“The Multiscreen name comes from the practice of judging a series of slide entries while they are simultaneously projected on multiple screens set across the viewing stage.”  Seven Hills Camera Club competes with 3 other camera clubs, Stony Brook Camera Club, The Photographic Society of Rhode Island and Fall River Camera Club.  This year we have all been photographing the same 24 assigned subjects including Abandoned, Lighthouses, Sweets and Waterfalls. (The full list of Multiscreen subjects can be found on our website,  There is an amazing visual impact of four screens showing the four clubs’ best image for each category.
Our judge for this event is Gail Hansche Godin.  “A life-long naturalist, Gail’s passion is taking portraits of wildlife. Gail is a member of Gateway Camera Club, Massachusetts CamNats and the NECCC Equipment Committee. She is also the Chairman of the 2009 NECCC meeting in July at UMass. Amherst. She has been published in Massachusetts Wildlife and National Wildlife magazine and has won numerous awards in international photography competitions.”
Digital and film photography are allowed for this competition.  The digital images are transferred to film slides.  Digital imaging will continue to change future Multiscreen competitions.  Come and be part of the process.

Questions? Contact JoAnn Audette 508 829 0228 ext 301.